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Disney doing it right.

honestly my favorite scene in the movie

Thing about this scene.

It contains:

  • Anne Hathaway, whose brother is gay, and who once said she’ll know she’s had a successful career when drag queens do Anne Hathaway
  • Heather Matarazzo, who is a lesbian
  • And Julie Andrews, who is…Julie Andrews


The thing I like about this looking back on it now is that I never noticed as a kid

it didn’t matter that he had a boyfriend or a girlfriend I just thought ‘oh, so he’s not her husband then’ 

no big explanations, no big deal. Same thing with ParaNorman now. Kids don’t make a big deal about it because it isn’t a big deal; it’s the parents think it is. 

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okay so mitt romney 

  • wants to ban a womans right to do what she wants with her uterus
  • thinks that 47% of the country isn’t worth his time
  • thinks that gay people don’t deserve the right to get married
  • and doesn’t understand why the windows don’t roll down on airplanes

hm yes lets make him the president

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Harry and Louis at Leeds Festival; 28th August 2011

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@HannahaPhillips: Just finished @NiallOfficial hair

@HannahaPhillips: Just finished @NiallOfficial hair

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